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Volleyball is a popular game that is played professionally, as well as in different league. The volleyball have been playing since 1964 when the sports entered its first Olympic games.

Volley ball is played more than 800 million people on the earth at least once a week.

Volleyball was established by William G. Morgan, a physical fitness coach at the YMCA in Holyoke, Massachusetts.

Volley ball can be played at any place differently, a net can be set up on each side including over a swimming pool. Volleyball is being played worldwide now.

In volleyball game use 6 player on each side and substitutes can be used through the game. The court is of a rectangular shape and measures 18m X 9m. The net is in the center of the court of 2.43m high. The diameter of volley ball is 8 inches and weighing between 9 and 10 ounces.


The aim of the volleyball is to deliver the ball by only using your hand over the net and ground, on the opposing side while stopping the ball from touching the ground on their side.  The team will win the most set will be the winner.


The ball should hit the ground to score a point within the outline court in your opponent half.  A Player serving must should be behind the baseline. Once the serve has been made the server can join their team to get a point.

Each team can hit the ball three time before the ball must return. In volleyball a player is not allowed to hit the ball twice in succession.

Game is played to 25 points and must be two points ahead. If the scores become 24-24 then the game is played until one team leads by two points.


Every team consist of 6 players and 6 subsites.  Player can be substituted any time.

Violation be called if:

  1. When serving the ball player step on the base line.
  2. Ball hit the net and fails to pass the net.
  3. Player are not allowed to run with the volleyball.
  4. Players can not touch the net.
  5. The ball cannot pass under the net.

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