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Rectus Femoris Origin

rectus femoris origin

The Rectus femoris muscle has two starting points at the front second rate iliac spine of the pelvis and the upper edge of the hip bone socket. Distally its filaments end in the regular addition ligament (quadriceps ligament). The quadriceps femoris muscle is a four-membered muscle of the thigh which totally covers the front femur. It positions among the most grounded muscles in the human body (physiological cross-sectional territory > 150 cm2). It fundamentally frames the horizontal shapes and the ventral side of the thigh. Its innervation is conveyed by the femoral nerve (L2-4).     The name of the …

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Rectus femoris

Rectus Femoris Muscle

Rectus femoris is the simplest one of the four heads of the quadriceps femoris muscle institution that crosses two joints. The hip flexor function of rectus femoris muscle is taken into consideration here at the same time as the knee extension tasks are taken into consideration with the whole institution. Shortness and tightness of the rectus femoris are frequently related to the tightness of the psoas muscle and may restrict the anterior pull of the hip joint. A primary hassle within the gait outcomes from the tightness of the psoas and rectus femoris anteriorly and weak point of the glutei …

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