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Splenius Cervicis


Have you ever feel pain in your neck or collarbone? So this pain is caused by splenius cervicis muscle as it is located at the posterior side of the neck. They are broad and thin muscles and make one layer of four posterior muscles and make a V shape and lie under the upper trapezius and beneath the rhomboids in their origin. It can also create pain in skull, head and on the top of the head. People who face this pain experienced whiplash trauma or they work for long hours at the desk. There’s no matter how the pain …

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How To Lose 10kg in a Month Diet Plan


Every other person in the world is seeking for the answer how to lose 10kg in a month diet plan; it’s not difficult as it seems to be. It requires great motivation for what to eat or what not to eat. When you see people with a good postured and well-structured body, they aren’t getting all this in one day; they have motivated already and all charged up. If you have tried so many techniques to lose weight but still failed so don’t be the worry, change your diet plan and follow the following rules and instructions to lose weight. …

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16 Hour Fast Weight Loss Success Stories


If you are fat and tired of different techniques of weight lose, so don’t loss hope, lose your weight by following 16-hour fast weight loss success stories. There are many people in the world who have lost weight and experienced amazing weight loss.  They have practiced this 16 hours fasting, means they ate for 8 hours and remain hungry for 16 hours. These 16 hours can be any time that you want to choose in night or daytime. As if you eat your dinner and keep fast for 16 hours and sleep for 10 to 12 hours and wake up …

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Ac Joint Pain

ac joint pain

Ac joint pain is an often injury among physically dynamic individuals. In this pain, the clavicle (neckline bone) isolates from the scapula (shoulder bone). It is ordinarily caused by a fall specifically on the “point” of the shoulder or an immediate blow got in a physical game. Football players and cyclists who fall over the handlebars are frequently subject to AC injuries. Ordinarily, joint inflammation is demonstrated by a progressive beginning of torment, delicacy and constrained scope of movement. Acromioclavicular joint pain comes in numerous structures, most normally osteoarthritis, trailed by types of fiery joint pain, for example, rheumatoid joint …

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Hard Whiteheads Under Skin

Hard Whitehead under the skin

Hard whiteheads under skin are also called milia, and small like pearls and grains of sand having a diameter of 1 to 2 millimeters; mostly appear on cheeks, foreheads, and nose and around the eyes, but luckily they are not harmful. Hence, some people want to get rid of this because they don’t like them on the skin but if it’s not hurting you don’t need to be a worry. To know more about it you can also search what do whiteheads look like. They develop with keratin and bacteria comes out to the skin surface, pore ends up clogged …

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Latissimus Dorsi Stretch


Latissimus dorsi stretch won’t add mass, it can recover your flexibility and let you do more muscle workout such as pull-ups, lat pull-downs, and bent-over rows. Latissimus dorsi is the major muscle in the back that is responsible for arm extension and rotation of the arm. It connects the bones of the upper arm to the hip and spine, latissimus muscle also known as lats. We sit at work or drive the car, we feel pain in back muscles, so this exercise helps in recovering these muscles. Stretching before and after your workouts may also help prevent injuries or muscle …

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30 Days Plank Challenge Calendar

30 day plank challenge calendar.docx

Set up 30-day plank challenge calendar for effective moves to target so many muscles at one time upper and lower abs muscles as this challenge strengthens the lower back, upper body, shoulders, chest, butt and also gives a good postured body and strengthens the muscles to avoid injury. It makes stronger the torso and it flattens abdominal area as well. It can be performed with minimal tools or no tools can be performed at home and can be learned easily. It is excuse free as you need no expensive tools for this exercise and needs the motivation to do this …

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Eating One Meal a Day Weight Loss Results

Eating One Meal a Day Weight Loss Results

Eating one meal a day is a kind of intermittent fasting in which you have to be hungry for 16 hours or longer and eat for 8 or fewer hours. In OMAD you can eat whatever you want and decrease weight too. There is a lot of eating one meal a day weight loss results that encourage fat people to lose weight. OMAD can become daily routine but intermittent fasting can be left for 2- 3 days a week. To lose weight and beneficial results must follow 16/8 intermittent fasting successful stories. OMAD shrinks fasting window and change eating routines …

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Seated Bent-Over Rear Delt Raise

seated bent over rear delt raise exercise

The Seated Bent-Over Rear Delt Raise is a decent exercise particularly to the individuals who need to focus on their back deltoids. It is a medium trouble sort of activity meaning a greater part of individuals can withstand it. Notwithstanding for those still, without enough perseverance can adjust to it inside merely weeks. This post is intentionally intended to show you how to adequately and fittingly do the Seated Bent-Over Rear Delt Raise kind of an exercise for most extreme advantages. Seated bent over rear delt raise Instructions Place a few free weights looking forward before a level seat. Sit …

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Rhomboid Major

rhomboid major

Rhomboid major is available in the upper back area just underneath the neck and between the upper shoulders bones. The rhomboids are upper back muscles that associate between your spine and every one of your two shoulder bones. When they contract, they pull your shoulder bones together. The muscles filaments containing the rhomboids keep running on a diagonal. There are two types of rhomboid muscles, rhomboid major and minor. Former is thin and flat, in contrast, the rhomboid minor is thicker. Rhomboid muscle is responsible for monitoring the arms and shoulders. The rhomboid muscle is formed like a triangle and …

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