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Exercici Doble Crunch

la double crunch exercise is a combination of regular vertical crunch and reverse-crunch at the same time. This is the reason to call it a double crunch exercise. It is basically a trunk flexion exercise that increases core strength of lower and upper body abdominal muscles. This targets lower abdominal and hip flexor regions.

It helps in losing belly fat and certainly could be the best exercici per baixar de pes també. With this exercise, one could gain beautiful abs and strong core abdominal muscles.

In double crunch exercise take your elbows to the side. Keep them behind your head, meanwhile lift your shoulders and upper back off the ground. Simultaneously, bring your knees to your chest as much as you can easily do. The double crunch exercise involves a traditional abdominal crunch and a reverse crunch. But before that, a little warm-up would be helpful as well.

The reverse crunch mainly targets the lower portion of the abdomen. malgrat això, it is an important point to keep in mind that whenever the knees move toward the chest, the hip flexors are the prime movers. per tant, it should be done slowly and carefully to avoid any jerk to the back.


doble exercici crisi
doble exercici crisi

Exercise Procedure

Start double crunch exercise by lying on your back on a hard surface. Now bend your legs to 90 degrees or more than that if you can easily do so. Now keep both hands behind your head. Once you are ready for this position then, perform an abdominal crunch while simultaneously moving your knees toward your chest making a reverse crunch at the same time. Make sure to contract the abdomen so that it could be helpful for abdominal muscles. After stopping for a couple of seconds, slowly return to the starting position by uncurling. Repeat the process for as many reps as you can easily do.



Before doing double crunch exercise you must read these instructions carefully as these could be very helpful and may avoid you from getting any trouble during the exercise:

  • Al principi, if you just started doing this exercise you need to start with a warm-up exercise by doing few reps of simple vertical crunches.
  • And once you feel ready, pot realitzar 3 sets of double crunches exercise making 10-12 crunches in each rep. But as the exercise progresses and you feel that you can do more of them, and then start increasing the number of crunches every day to see better and faster results.
  • Breathing could become difficult while performing this exercise so you should exhale as you crunch the abs and don’t rush the crunches instead do it slow and steady at a normal pace for better results.
  • també, keep in mind that as you are using the hard surface for this exercise you should never crank the neck during the crunch otherwise it might lead you to injury.
  • Must keep your head straight, facing upward toward the ceiling throughout the exercise.

Summary of Double Crunch Exercise Execution

Lay down on a hard surface facing towards the ceiling and raise your shoulders upward and bring the knees towards the chest at the same time. Hold this position for a couple of seconds and uncurl back to starting position keeping the same tension between the abs and repeat several reps as many as you can.



The double crunch exercise primarily targets the abs and lower back. You only need an exercise mat for double crunch exercise. That is all the equipment you really need. malgrat això, there are many other double crunch exercise variations in which we require certain equipment which we can discuss in another article. You do not require any gym trainer for this exercise if you can go through this article step by step.

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