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Cricket is a game that has been started since 16th century. This is most widespread game ever. Cricket World Cup is played internationally, teams of different country participate. Cricket other main events are T20 World Cup, One Day series. Each country played domestic cricket in their own country.
Now cricket leagues are also getting famous day by day like PSL, IPL, BBL, CPL and many more.
Cricket is a sport for two team. Each team consist of eleven players. Cricket can last from an afternoon to a number of days. Even though they are very different.

The main aim of the cricket is to score more runs than your opposite team. There are three types of the cricket game (T20, One Day and Test) and each have a different time period in which the game must be completed.
You have to hit the ball with a bat to score runs. When one team bat as the same time other team bowls and fields. The main object is to bowl the opposite team out, as few runs as possible. After a complete team got out or the given time has finished then the team will switch the roll.
1. Cricket Ball
Cricket ball is hard ball, enclosed with leather. It’s a little like a baseball in size and hardness. But it is thicker in covering and combined in two hemispheres, it’s a bit like equator. The boundary of a cricket ball is between 156 and 163 grams (5.5 to 5.75 ounces). The ball color is dyed red, with sewing left white. Now days white ball also used
2. Cricket Bat
The edges of bat are made of willows, flat on one side and humped on the other.
3. Wickets
There are two types of wicket stumps and bails, the wooden are made of three stumps topped by a pair of bails.
Rules of cricket
There must be two umpire stood at either end of wicket. The umpire will count the ball in an over and they have to make decision after an appeal from the bowler for an out. That if this delivery is fine or not.
Test cricket is played for five days where each team has to play two innings. Then the score will be cumulative and the team with the most runs will be a winner.
One day cricket is played with 50 overs. Each team have to play 50 overs to bat and bowl. The team with the most runs will win the game.
International game always have a two more umpire, known as the third and fourth umpire. There umpire help to review in decision when on field umpire can’t decide.
The man who stand behind the wickets are wicket keeper, and the fielding team must have one wicket keeper. He is the only person who are allowed to wear pads and gloves. Wicket keeper stand behind the opposite end of wickets.

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