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Ventrogluteal Site


Intramuscular injections are used to provide medication to muscles deeply. Ventrogluteal site is recommended instead of dorsogluteal site for intramuscular injections because it is free from major blood vessels and nerves and it has thin tissue over the injection site and provides the most consistent layer of adipose tissue and helps to drug the targeted muscles.     IM injection hits the side of the hip for ventrogluteal injection. Ventrogluteal is a site allowing medications to be absorbed more rapidly through muscle fibers because it has a rich blood supply. Mostly it is used for children and adults. If you …

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Pectoralis Major


Pectoralis major is a fan-shaped thick layer situated in the chest area of the human body and composed of a sternal head and a clavicular head. It is located at the top of pectoralis minor that is known smaller muscle of the chest. Pec minor is called its little brother, so both are called pecs. The bulk of the chest is made up of pec major. It is apparent in males as they do some muscle work and invisible in the female. Pecs muscles connect the front walls of the chest to the upper arm and shoulders. The pectoral region …

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Ac Joint Pain

ac joint pain

Ac joint pain is an often injury among physically dynamic individuals. In this pain, the clavicle (neckline bone) isolates from the scapula (shoulder bone). It is ordinarily caused by a fall specifically on the “point” of the shoulder or an immediate blow got in a physical game. Football players and cyclists who fall over the handlebars are frequently subject to AC injuries. Ordinarily, joint inflammation is demonstrated by a progressive beginning of torment, delicacy and constrained scope of movement. Acromioclavicular joint pain comes in numerous structures, most normally osteoarthritis, trailed by types of fiery joint pain, for example, rheumatoid joint …

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Rhomboid Major

rhomboid major

Rhomboid major is available in the upper back area just underneath the neck and between the upper shoulders bones. The rhomboids are upper back muscles that associate between your spine and every one of your two shoulder bones. When they contract, they pull your shoulder bones together. The muscles filaments containing the rhomboids keep running on a diagonal. There are two types of rhomboid muscles, rhomboid major and minor. Former is thin and flat, in contrast, the rhomboid minor is thicker. Rhomboid muscle is responsible for monitoring the arms and shoulders. The rhomboid muscle is formed like a triangle and …

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Pectoralis Minor

pectoralis minor

Pectoralis Minor is a muscle beneath the pectoralis major and known as a little brother of pec major. It lies in the chest deeply and isn’t visible, in contrast, pectoralis major is visible in men.  Hence, these two are called pecs.  Here’s a common misconception that pec minor is located in the upper chest but it is in actual located in the upper fibers of the serratus of anterior. It’s a thin layered but a powerful muscle because there are also some other muscles located with it,  including the pec major, biceps, deltoids, coracobrachialis, subscapularis, serratus anterior, and the latissimus …

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Bankart Lesion

bankart lesion

Bankart Lesion is wounded particularly at the anteroinferior part of the glenoid labral complex and speak to a typical difficulty of front shoulder disengagement. They are often found in a relationship with a Hill-Sachs injury.   The terminology of Bankart lesion Entirely, a “Bankart sore” alludes to damage of the labrum and related glenohumeral container/tendons (see History and historical underpinnings underneath). Damage to these strengthening delicate tissue structures is thought to incline to intermittent separation 7. The expression “hard Bankart” (appeared differently in relation to “stringy Bankart”) is regularly used to allude to crack of the neighboring anteroinferior glenoid, damage …

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Spine Of Sphenoid

spine of sphenoid

The sphenoid bone is an unpaired pneumatic unpredictable bone, arranged at the base of the skull, and wedged between the frontal and ethmoid bones in front, basi-occiput and petrous piece of transient bones behind, and squamous part of the worldly bone on each side.     Human Skull The sphenoid comprises of a focal body and combines of more prominent and lesser wings and pterygoid forms. It takes after a bat with wings out­stretched and remains on pterygoid forms which speak to its legs.   Body: It is cuboidal fit as a fiddle and contains a couple of sphenoidal air …

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Kidney Pain VS Back Pain

kidney pain vs back pain

Do you want to know that what is the difference between kidney pain vs back pain? Since your kidneys are situated toward your back and underneath your ribcage, it might be difficult to discern whether the pain you’re encountering around there is returning from your or your kidney. The side effects you’re having can enable you to make sense of which is the wellspring of the pain. The area, type, and seriousness of the agony are a portion of the things that will be diversely relying upon whether the pain is from an issue in your kidneys or your back.   …

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Vomer Bone

vomer bone

The vomer (or vomer bone, Latin: vomer) is an unpaired midline bone which along the opposite plate of the ethmoid frames the nasal septum. The vomer is a solitary facial bone that takes a type of a plate and its predominant outskirt gives two augmentations called wings. With the assistance of these wings, the vomer joins to the substandard surface of the body of the sphenoid bone. The vomer additionally expresses with the ethmoid, both palatine bones, and both maxillary bones. The vomer is arranged in the sagittal plane and structures some portion of the sub-par some portion of the …

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Axillary Nerve

axillary nerve details

One of the fatal parts of the brachial plexus is the axillary nerve, which is gotten from the back rope. It goes through the quadrangular space together with the back circumflex supply route and vein. It is a blended nerve, implying that it has both engine and tangible strands which innervate vital muscles and parts of the skin inside the axillary district. It likewise innervates glenohumeral joint, and because of their nearby spacial connection, the nerve is regularly harmed at whatever point the joint is harmed. The wounds of the axillary nerve prompt diminishing or finish loss of capacity inside …

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