casa / els músculs del cos

els músculs del cos

serrat anterior

El múscul serrat anterior és un múscul de ventall format a la massa paral·lel del tòrax. La seva part principal rau profunda sota de l'escàpula i els músculs pectorals. És qualsevol cosa menys difícil de palpar entre les més gran i dorsal músculs pectorals dorsi. It starts on the best surface of the eight or nine upper ribs.     The inclusion of serratus anterior It embeds precisely at the anterior fringe of the scapula, o omòplat. El múscul es divideix en tres seccions: Superior / Superior: primer-segon costella → punt de l'escàpula inigualable. Centre / intermedius: second to third rib → average

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Els músculs SCM

Els músculs SCM

What is the SCM muscle? El múscul esquelètic (SMC) múscul es troba a la base de l'os a cada aspecte del seu coll, darrere de les orelles. A cada costat del seu coll, cada múscul segueix funcionant a la part davantera del seu coll i parts per a la interfície amb la més elevada de la seva os i la clavícula. Els elements d'aquest llarg, múscul gruixut són: Turning your head from aspect to feature Turning your neck to convey your ear to your shoulder Twisting your neck forward to convey your jaw to your chest It conjointly helps in bite and gulping and

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múscul ancóneo | dolor ancóneo

ancóneo - dolor ancóneo

The anconeus muscle is a triangular-formed muscle beginning back to the sidelong epicondyle of the humerus and afterward fanning out extensively for an inclusion base on the proximal piece of the posterolateral side of the ulna. La capacitat essencial del múscul ancóneo és fomentar l'augment del colze i la revolució del braç inferior com mentre que transporta una placa de plats.     El múscul ancóneo és, a més, aquí i allà coneix com una expansió dels bíceps braquial múscul causa de la seva àrea i capacitat de. The Anconeus Muscle does not have a place with the class of

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esternoclidomastoïdal | dolor

esternoclidomastoïdal - dolor esternoclidomastoïdal

The Sternocleidomastoid fits probably the most intriguing myofascial disorders and is a prime case of how trigger focuses can at times offer ascent to the most diverse misdiagnoses. el múscul, com el seu nom ens dóna a conèixer, comprèn de dues divisions, una exterior i sobretot que els suplements a l'estèrnum i la clavícula, i l'altre, posterior i interior que annexa a la clavícula. L'inici regular del múscul és en el procediment de mastoide.     Els elements del múscul incorporen al seu torn cap al costat contrari de la cara o cap amunt, i quan es treballa respectivament, flexion of head and neck

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Origen recte anterior de la cuixa

recte anterior de la cuixa origen

El múscul recte femoral té dos punts de partida a la part davantera segona espina ilíaca taxa de la pelvis i la part superior de la presa d'os del maluc. Distalment seus filaments acaben al lligament addició regular (lligament quàdriceps). El múscul quàdriceps femoral és un múscul de quatre membres de la cuixa que cobreix totalment el fèmur front. Es posiciona entre els músculs més a terra en el cos humà (territori de la secció transversal fisiològica > 150 cm2). És fonamentalment emmarca les formes horitzontals i el costat ventral de la cuixa. El seu innervació és transportada pel nervi femoral (L2-4).     The name of the

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Dorsal ample Muscle

latissimus dorsi

Latissimus dorsi muscle, whose name signifiesbroadest muscle of the back,” is one of the most stretched out muscles in the human body. Otherwise called thelat,” it is a thin triangular muscle that isn’t utilized strenuously in like manner day by day exercises. malgrat això, is an essential muscle in numerous activities, per exemple, pull-ups, jaw ups, lat pulldowns, and swimming.     It associates the bone of the upper arm to the spine and the hip. This muscle is regularly alluded to as the lats. Torment in the latissimus dorsi is regularly caused by abuse, or it might be

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múscul semitendinós


Muscles are altogether made of a similar material, a kind of flexible tissue (similar to the material in an elastic band). Thousands or even it several hundred thousand, of little filaments, make up each muscle. Semitendinosus mussels are one of them. You have three unique kinds of muscles in your body: smooth muscle, heart muscle, and skeletal muscle.     Smooth Muscles Smooth muscles — once in a while additionally called automatic muscles — are more often than not in sheets, or layers, with one layer of muscle behind the other. You can’t control this sort of muscle. Your cerebrum

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Dolor múscul trapezi

trapezius muscle pain

Keep yourself safe from any straining. Trapezius muscle pain is really bad and you need to be careful. Keeping your neck tilted to the other side, per exemple, viewing the TV sideways continually for a considerable length of time can make the muscle be abbreviated for a more drawn out timeframe making it confined and sore and henceforth prompting disappointing torment.     Tedious exercises Our muscles are intended to work in a dynamic design and at whatever point we subject them to predictable, tedious developments for extended stretches of time, it makes them sore and hurt as the consistency

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semimembranós | dolor | Side Effects

semimembranosus pain

The semimembranosus muscle is one of the muscles that make the hamstring. It is found on the back of the thigh and keeps running from the base of the pelvis (particularly the tuberosity of the ischium) to the back of the tibia, one of the bones that make up the lower leg. The semimembranosus muscle is connected to the pelvis and tibia by means of ligaments. The muscle has a few capacities, including empowering the leg to flex and turn and filling in as a thigh extensor. The other two muscles that make up the hamstring are the biceps femoris

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Extensor Digitorum Brevis

Extensor Digitorum Brevis Muscle

Extensor Digitorum Brevis Muscle is on top of the foot. This muscle is associated with the ligaments which are joined to the toes. This extensor digitorum brevis muscle is innervated by the profound fibular nerve. The primary capacity of this Muscle is to control the development of the toes. This muscle saves the littlest toe from its control.     Extensor digitorum brevis Muscles and Functions Extensor digitorum brevis agony can happen because of damage or injury to the muscle and can bring about medicinal conditions like drop foot or interosseus disorder. These therapeutic conditions cause a great deal of

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