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Boxing is known as the world oldest sport. The most basic thing about boxing is fighting and since there has been man, there will be no day on the earth without conflict. So its show it’s an old game. We have read in history about people fighting in front of audience then it is safe to say the art of fighting is an old one.

Within the time different rules were included.  No doubt best boxing is elegant and graceful.

There are different type of boxing one of them is bare-knuckles, in this you have to play the game without gloves. The other is where you have to wear boxing gloves.


The object of the boxing is to defeat your fellow oppose person. A less cruel saying, to hit and not to be hit.


The design of certain equipment varies according to the authorizing body but the ring is usually square. It’s generally around 16-25 feet along each side. The poles at the corner are 5 feet above the level of the ring.  The ring itself is usually three or four feet off the ground.

Both of boxer wear the gloves.  The size of now day’s gloves are usually 12oz, 14oz and 16oz. These gloves are especially deign to protect the hand and the opponent.

Boxer are divided for boxing according to their weight with the different bodies having different weight. Most of the fighter fight opponents of comparable weight as physical size is important to the tournament.


At professional level three ringside judges using a subjective method to decide that which boxer they felt won each individual round.  If they can’t decides because knockout, disqualification or retirement then judges’ scorecard are used. If all of three judges agree on one decision then the decision is unanimous, and if two think one boxer is won then it’s a split decision.

If two judges or any single decided that its fight level then the fight is classed as draw.




There is always given one minute rest between rounds.

You can only attacked with clenched fist for punching and you may not attack below the belt, or back and head of your opponent.

You cannot hit the challenger when they are down.

If an accidental foul such as clash of heads, ends the fight before four round and from the fifth onward decision goes to the judge’s cards.

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