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How To Lose 10 lbs Overnight

How to lose 10 lbs overnight

We have sometimes a question that how to lose 10 lbs overnight? And we think that is it possible? Yes, it is and we will be able to lose weight overnight. We eat sodium and beverages food and high sugar contained meal these forms too much fat in the body. To lose weight you have to improve diet because diet plays 90 % role in weight. If you have a proper and low sodium meal, you would have low weight rather than the food that gives a lot of fat. You can also practice fasting by watching 16/8 intermittent fasting …

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Headache On Top Of Head


A headache on top of head is usually described as a pain that feels like a tight band around the head or a heavy weight on the head or a pressure around the forehead or head. Other muscles like shoulder and neck may be hurt along with a headache. The pain can be longer for 30 minutes or more. It is a worrying situation but it depends on its trigger point in different people. This pain is caused by many reasons as you take pressure on your head for any tension or workload, or by using excessive use of cell …

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Ventrogluteal Site


Intramuscular injections are used to provide medication to muscles deeply. Ventrogluteal site is recommended instead of dorsogluteal site for intramuscular injections because it is free from major blood vessels and nerves and it has thin tissue over the injection site and provides the most consistent layer of adipose tissue and helps to drug the targeted muscles.     IM injection hits the side of the hip for ventrogluteal injection. Ventrogluteal is a site allowing medications to be absorbed more rapidly through muscle fibers because it has a rich blood supply. Mostly it is used for children and adults. If you …

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Epiphysis Bone


Epiphysis bone is the extended end of the long bones in animals, lies between the growth plate and the joint at the end of the bone, which ossifies independently from the bone shaft yet winds up settled to the pole when full growth is accomplished. The epiphysis is made of springy cancellous bone secured by a thin layer of compact bone. It is associated with the bone shaft by the epiphyseal ligament, or plates in immature animals, which helps in the development of bone length and is inevitably replaced by bone.     The articular surface of the distal outspread …

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One Meal per Day Diet Success Stories

One Meal per Day Diet Success Stories

One meal per day diet success stories is interesting when I interviewed some individuals who lost a great weight by following OMAD diet. I was amazed by watching them and their pictures before and after the OMAD diet. It seems difficult for most of us but if you stick on a plan, you can gain anything that you really want. So don’t stop trying your best and be stick to the point and never lose the hope. You can also follow some free online diet plan as well but must read this article if you can’t follow others and want …

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What Muscles Do Pushups Work

what do pushups work

For a strengthened and power moves, we use muscles while pushup workout. So, we may surprise, what muscles do pushups work. Muscles do multiple tasks and trained well while pushups workout, like pushups, are popular exercise and develop muscles. Pushups are tricky, use the strength of body and size of the body. Pushups are responsible for the upper body stamina and force, considered good exercises for chest muscles, and engage group muscles as well.     Muscles Do Pushups Work Chest muscle group Pectorals muscles Triceps Biceps Serratus anterior Rhomboids Latissimus dorsi Lower back muscles Abs Leg muscles   What Muscles …

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Reverse Grip Smith Machine Row

reverse grip smith machine row

To make muscles more powerful and well-structured, we use different weights like a barbell, dumbbells in the gym, but sometimes are unable to find the perfect result so we should follow reverse grip smith machine row. It is an exercise in which you hold some weights, which are fit in a machine; we lift them up and down. It gives us a proper way of exercising and makes us more recognized that how to get bigger sized muscles. It targets the biceps; it includes other muscles like shoulders, lower back, and forearms. For this exercise, you need to go to …

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Pectoralis Major


Pectoralis major is a fan-shaped thick layer situated in the chest area of the human body and composed of a sternal head and a clavicular head. It is located at the top of pectoralis minor that is known smaller muscle of the chest. Pec minor is called its little brother, so both are called pecs. The bulk of the chest is made up of pec major. It is apparent in males as they do some muscle work and invisible in the female. Pecs muscles connect the front walls of the chest to the upper arm and shoulders. The pectoral region …

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How To Get Perfect Figure 36 24 36

how to get perfect figure 36 24 36

On the off chance that you might want to have a “36-24-36” body, you should follow the tips below. We will help you know how to get perfect figure 36 24 36. Follow the eating routine that empowers you to get the figure of a model. Today, we will see the help you in get the ideal figure with the extraordinary eating regimen tips. As indicated by the Health and fitness expert, 36-24-36 is viewed as the best shape for females. That is the reason in Miss World or Miss Universe rivalries, such kind of shape is likewise mulled over. …

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Splenius Cervicis


Have you ever feel pain in your neck or collarbone? So this pain is caused by splenius cervicis muscle as it is located at the posterior side of the neck. They are broad and thin muscles and make one layer of four posterior muscles and make a V shape and lie under the upper trapezius and beneath the rhomboids in their origin. It can also create pain in skull, head and on the top of the head. People who face this pain experienced whiplash trauma or they work for long hours at the desk. There’s no matter how the pain …

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