• Dumplings


    Ready In:   25 min Preparation time:  10 min Dumplings are easy to make and are the richest and fluf…

  • Chicken and Dumplings

    Chicken and Dumplings

    Ready In:   1 hour 20 min Preparation time:  30 min Ingredients Chicken: Chicken cut into 8 pieces 1…

  • Homemade Cereal

    Homemade Cereal

      Ready In:  1 hour 30 min Preparation time: 15 min   Create for yourselves a high fiber h…

  • Almond Granola

    Almond Granola

    Ready In:  15 min Preparation time: 50-60 min As simply delicious as it sounds try it at your home. …

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The Lazy Sons

It’s an old story. There was a farmer. He was very hard working. He had three sons Ali, Ahmed, and Abdullah. All three of them were fit and strong. But they were very lazy and idle. The farmer was very concerned about his sons, their future and farmland that they have to handle …

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Who is the Best Hitter of all the time?

For many of you Shahid Afridi (Boom Boom – Lala) is the best hitter of all the time, but many believes that Mr. 360 degree Ab De Villiers is the best hitter of all the time. So vote for your idol and let us know which one you admire the …

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Kentucky Fried Chicken | Colonel Sanders


Once there was an elder man, who was poor, living in a very small house and owned a beat up car. He was living off of $100 social security checks. When he was 65 years age he think about to change in his life. So he supposed about what he …

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A Golden Window

golden windows

A little girl lived in a very small, but simple house on a hill. As she gets matured she started playing in the small garden and when she grew up she was able to see over the garden boundary and crossways the valley to a perfect house high on the …

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Dinner with a Father

dinner with father

Once a son took his old father to a restaurant for a dinner. His father was very old and weak. While his father was eating, he dropped food on his shirt and trouser. All the other people who were in the restaurant watched him in loathing while his son was calm. …

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Be Careful of the Company you keep

Once there was a rich man, he had only one son. His son fell into a bad company. He always misbehaved at home with everyone and developed many bad habits as well. The rich man was so much worried about the behavior of his son. He tried his best to …

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A Blind Man

blind man with lamp

Once upon a time there was a blind man in a small town. He always had a lamp in his hand whenever he went out at night. Most of the people in the town make fun of him, that why a blind man needs the lamp at night as he can’t see …

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Money can’t buy you Peace

Money ca't buy you peace

Liam and William were neighbors. William was a poor farmer. Liam was a landlord. William was very relaxed and happy. He never worried about closing the doors and windows of his home at night. He always had deep and sound sleep. Even though he had no money but still he was …

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The Black Dot

A small town invited a lecturer to address it annual dinner. The town’s economy was bad, people were disheartened, and they needed this motivational speaker to give them an enhancement. During his presentation, the presenter took a big piece of white paper and made a small black dot at the …

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Finding Happiness

Once there was a seminar and a group of 50 people were attending it. In the middle of speech the speaker stopped his speech and started giving each person a balloon. Then he asked them to write their name on the balloon using a marker.  After when everyone finished writing …

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A Perfect Palace

perfect palace

It’s an ancient story, there was a king. His people respected him and loved him since he took care of their needs well. At the end of every month he invited some honorable men of his empire to explore his work. The king made many things. Every year he remake …

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The Iron Box

Jeff was the only son of a rich businessman who had lots of money and property. After the demise of his father, Jeff was left with an iron box with important documents, money and other valuables from his father. The box was of great importance for the Jeff so he kept …

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